Yet suddenly one day, the threatening news came: wild animals and Indians were not the only inhabitants of the woods. Virginia scouts had found French soldiers on the other side of the Appalachians. It was said that the French claimed all land west of the mountains for New France. This was bad news for the governor of Virginia, who wanted the same land — at all costs.
In his quest to get the land beyond the mountains, the governor called upon his best soldier to deal with the situation: it was young George Washington, barely 22 years old at the time. The governor told George to go and find the French, and give them a simple message: leave the region immediately, or get ready for battle.
Wanting to serve and please his authorities, George did as he was told. He went over the mountains with a small army, found the French, and passed on the governor’s message. But, of course, the French did not wish to leave. Inevitably, the conflict developed into a war, known as the French and Indian War; that is, the French and some Indian allies fighting the British colonials.

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